The mHTI is a national connector/incubator/facilitator for advancing mHealth researchers with the transdisciplinary expertise and networks for co-creating practical healthcare solutions with societal impact.

Core Elements

Core Elements

Scholars develop a shared vocabulary and conceptual framework, acquire deep domain expertise in latest mHealth technologies and methodologies, and obtain the soft skills and team science abilities and connections essential for mHealth innovation.

Target Scholars

Target Scholars

New as well as established academic “unicorns” seeking to develop and implement integrated mHealth approaches to tackle healthcare problems.

Spotlight LectureChanging Behavior

Dr. Lisa Marsch speaks at mHTI about "Changing Behavior"

Dr. Marsch is the Director of the Dartmouth Center for Technology and Behavioral Health, a designated “Center of Excellence” supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health. 

Spotlight LectureClinical Trial Methodology

Dr. Susan Murphy gives "Clinical Trial Methodology" lecture at mHTI

Dr. Murphy is Professor of Statistics and Computer Science at Harvard University. Her current primary research interest concerns clinical trial design and the development of data analytic methods for informing multi-stage decision making in health.

mHTI Faculty

Each year, faculty speakers from top universities and organizations across the country provide the scholars with deep-dive insights into their individual areas of expertise through lectures and presentations. The renewing group of faculty are recognized thought leaders and integrative thinkers who are chosen for their expert insight into current mHealth trends, practices, and tools. The faculty also serve as mentors for the team science projects and are available to assist individual scholars through one-on-one sessions.

Application Support

mHealth Center for Discovery, Optimization &
Translation of Temporally-Precise Interventions

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